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Artist Statement

I am a radio and sound artist, who works with a focus on expanded radio art in all its forms. I’ve been exploring the artistic potential of radio and its use outside of conventional settings from ready mades to creating transmitters and site specific multi media installations which draw on aspects wireless technology and art for the environment. I am investigating radio art and expanded practice across the spectrum, working on projects across air, land, sea and space whilst drawing on experimental radio history as well as focusing on Art for the Environment.

As a sound and radio artist, I have created interactive artworks for galleries and public spaces, from large-scale events and radio broadcasts to intimate sound and radio installations. My work has been exhibited and broadcast in the UK and internationally. I often play with radiophonic sound design to create connections between the public with wireless technology in all its forms across the spectrum. I try to push the boundaries of multi-disciplinary interactive sound and radio art, creating expanded radio for multi media use from ready mades to hand building transmitters on self broadcasting ceramics, trees and books. I like to bring a personal take on what are often percieved as broadcast and environmental issues. My practice based PhD at UAL in 2015 explored expanded radio art practice in all its myriad forms and explored a hundred years of radio art.

My sound work has been exhibited at Tate Britain, British Museum, The Barbican, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Sainsbury Centre, The Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP), Whitechapel Gallery, Jerwood Visual Arts, Barbican, MACBA Barcelona, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Norway, Morocco, Holland, Ireland, Canada and the USA.

‘Waves of Resistance’ was a radiophonic work commissioned for the Aerial Sparks trail exhibiting across the Island of Innis Orr for Galway City of Culture 2020 and was nominated for an Ivors Composer Award in Sound Art in 2021, I was delighted to win an Oram Award at the same time for my body of work to date.

My ambisonic soundtrack of Hong Kong Airport for Foster and Partners at the British Museum and Sainsbury Center was described as “extraordinary and rich” in Richard J. Williams book The Anxious City (2004). Radio Mind “intriguing and beautiful work” commissioned for Lightworks Festival. My transmitting book Spiritual Radio “pages of the book are held shut by copper nails, connected to form a transmitter circuit through which words flow “in an eternal loop….the text awaits the listener who is tuned to the right frequency” (The Guardian) was exhibited at the Unbinding the Book exhibition, Whitechapel Gallery and was a finalist for The Engine Room’s International Sound Art Competition and Exhibition (2015). ‘Tree Radio’, a broadcasting tree made during an Arts for the Environment Residency at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, was also a sonic art finalist for the BASCA British Composer Award 2016. I was selected for Jerwood Open Forest and made ‘Dream Space‘ and ‘Forest Call Signs‘. For Alt Barbican, and was commissioned to make ‘Voicing Gender‘ where my radio hats were exhibited at the Mutek Festival Montreal and the Barbican 2017. I was commissioned to make ‘Transmission Spores’ about Ash Die Back for the Ash Archive and its touring exhibition 2018.

Radio Mind at Old Lookout Broadstairs

I set up Radio Arts an artist led group in 2002 to promote radio art and has curated works for exhibition, broadcast, and led workshops with the public in significant arts and cultural venues funded by ACE. Such as the Tate Britian, V and A, Manchester Science Museum, Jerwood Arts Space, Turner Contempory the Beaney Museum and at Festivals such as Supernormal, Whitstable Biennale, Duchamp Festival and Folkstone Triennial.

As well as making work for installations I have broadcast my work internationally on BBC Radio, ABC, RTE, Deutschland Radio Kultur, Resonance FM, Sound Art Radio, Radio Reverb, BCB Radio, Phonic FM, BCFM, NTS, Radeq, Boat DAB, the Dark Outsid, Radio Corax and Reboot FM (DE), Radio Papesse (It), WGXC 90.7-FM USA, Radio Futura (PT), CKLN FM (CA) , Scanner FM (SP) and in radio taxis at the Morroco Biennale.

I was a former director at the Community Media Association where I helped successfully lobby for community radio in the UK ba in 2002 pushing a community arts focus. I was a founder of award-winning London arts station Resonance FM, as a labour of love I commissioned, produced and presented specialist music and radio arts events, exhibitions for broadcast and installation. As well as a fundraising artist LP Flatpack Antenna which gained four stars in the Times and curatoring the Circle of Sound Exhibition at the Foundry London.

Please look at the overview of all my projects and click on these links for Audio, Press, Films and Links, for PhD and selected writing

Magz Hall at Jerwood Arts London running a transmitter building workshop on wood from the once tallest tree in Kent