Hongkong Airport Ambisonic Soundtrack

Produced ambisonic 16 speaker surround soundtrack for panoramic film of Hong Kong Airport and audio feature of women under Hong Kong HSBC exhibited at the British Museum and the Sainsbury Centre for visual arts, as part of the Norman Foster Studio retrospective. Exploring the City Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts UEA (2000) and Wellcome Gallery, British Museum, London (2001) toured Denmark and Boston (2001-3)

I recorded the sound independently from the film on location with a soundfield microphone, this was before they were portable, the fullsize mic was wheeled about in a large shopping trolley, then painstakingly with my co producer Tom Wallace we edited it to make a seamless 16 speaker surround soundtrack to the film and appear as in real time as diagetic sound in the film.

Short film clip (stereo) http://www.fosterandpartners.com/practice-data/videos/#&vid=35632672


Here is a very informative review from Richard J Williams in his book the Anxious City