Feedback Fiesta

July 2008, produced and hosted by Magz Hall, for the Sonic Arts Expo a live interactive broadcast on Radio Reverb 97.2 via a studio with telecoms at Commercial Radio Station Juice FM Brighton, the feed was broadcast to Radio Reverb via transmitter from Juice 97.2FM from 12-2pm Sunday 6th July

Feedback Fiesta is a piece of practice-based Radio art research. In my research Radio art is conceived as a distinct branch of acoustic media art, one which is concerned with the interplay of the relationships between the radio broadcast and its reception, and is to be distinguished from the presentation of art on the radio. This latter conception conceives the medium of radio as largely passive. Rather, I consider radio art as work that addresses the radio medium in its material specificity. My Work is created critically addresses the medium, and aims to pull apart and rupture its ‘professional’ side or norms which result in the medium specificity of radio to become obscured. My practice-based research aims to expose radio as a highly controlled environment, and by highlighting this unleash its creative potential.  The exploration of this creative potential lies at the heart of this particular piece, which highlights the capacity for radio to produce a simultaneous event experienced by a geographically dispersed public, in myriad listening environments and contexts. Feedback Fiesta consisted of a live radio interaction influenced by Radio art theorist Max Neuhaus and LIGNA’s radio work, where listeners where asked to produce myriad soundscapes of live feedback during transmission through the telephone. The piece relates to my fundamental research question of whether the convergence of new media technologies can help define radio art and push forward the artistic boundaries of radio arts practice. It directly deals with the question of the future of radio art and the impact of convergence.