A Latent Reality

The Barbican, London, 7 Nov 2017, 19:00, Fountain Room A showcase of six artists exploring the intersection of art and technology through installations, ambisonic sound, video and performance Barbican and The Trampery bring you cutting-edge pieces from emerging artists who took part in alt.barbican, an artistic development programme specially for those working at the intersection of art, […]

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Lost in Transmission

Learn about the changes to rural and urban landscapes that ash dieback will bring, and discover the pushes and pulls that drive its spread. Saturday 4 November, 11am – 2pm In this ecopoetry workshop we will explore the ash dieback transmission process. Drawing on scientific research and journalism on the subject, we’ll make new poems […]

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Mutek Montreal

  Montreal is a fascinating city, the perfect home for Mutek, a festival which I can only compare to Barcelona’s Sonar festival for it unique setting and electronic music focus. The first thing I learned about the city is a key pastime of its inhabitants a hundred years ago was magic shows, having visited the […]

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