LV21 Radio Arts Residency

Radio Day 31st November 2013 was part of a three month Radio Arts Residency at LV21 Lightship I did with Jim Backhouse,  we worked with Colin Turner radio operator of the LV21 and ran a AM radio building workshop, Radio Recall was broadcast on AM and FM across the ship and a new work was produced during this residency  Peoples Horn (2013) Voice Like a Fog Horn for the Medway Festival along side a soundmap Jim made of the area.

LOOKOUT 21 / RADIO ARTS / G3VTT from Spaghetti Weston on Vimeo.

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Working title was ‘Voice like a Fog Horn’, with various mixes one was using the natural resonance of the ships air receivers for the original fog horn.

Listen to all the residency recordings at

Photos of  AM reciever and recording on and around the ship