Profound Sound Festival

Dreamspace 2 Sun 5th Feb, Quarterhouse Theatre Auditorium Folkestone Sound and radio artist Magz Hall collaborated with interactive digital artists Genetic Moo’s to make Aeroplankton (2014) to make Dreamspace 2. Microscopic airborne protozoa called Radiolaria Aeoliae, display intricate mineral skeletons which act as receivers of radio signals. 50 radios broadcast dreams and the visuals […]

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RadioCona: WolFMoon

Hear my and Radio Arts dream inspired works aired on RadioCona: WolFMoon @CONA_Zavod 12-19th January. Exhibition and events 12 th –19 th January 2017 FM 88.8MHz, radioCona and on location. RadioCona will start on Thursday 12th January,on the occasion of the full moon, named wolf moon and will tune in at twilight for eight nights in […]

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