Still Moving Sculpture, Off the Pier

Still Moving Sculpture, off the Pier (2013) which was part of an FM micro broadcast installation of roller skaters for the Duchamp Festival in Herne Bay, the work was inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s Musical Sculpture. “Sounds lasting and leaving from different places and forming a sounding sculpture that lasts.” (Note from the Green Box, 1934)

Kunst Halle Suden Exhibition Berlin


Magz Hall and Jim Backhouse are taking part in a 15-days special broadcast taking place at the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle in Berlin August 26th to September 8th 2013. Radio Papesse’s Süden Radio will try to explore the many different sonic dimensions of South “Süden” for an exhibition curated by Angelika Stepken dedicated to the Villa Romana Gallery in Florence.

Hear it at this link