You Are Hear

The You Are Hear Radio show championed art and new music from the outer edges airing live sessions and interviews with international artists, its Podcast was Critic’s Choice (Independent 2008) and Podcast of the week (Time Out).

I produced and presenterd You Are Hear (2002-10)

It was broadcast on Resonance FM and Totally Radio 2002-10.

Over 200 legal live performances podcast with over million downloads of live sessions and international music from festivals such as Sonar in Barcelona, Oya Festival in Norway, Faster Than Sound, Big Chill and The Green Man festival in the UK.

Podcast feed is

Still heard on demand from 2005- 2010 Totally Radio

2002-2006 Resonance 104.4 FM


and Flatpack Antenna Fundraising LP for Resonance FM

Flatpack Antenna

Flatpack Antenna is a limited edition vinyl  LP compiled by the ‘You Are Hear’ radio team of Magz Hall and Jim  Backhouse, featuring more than two dozen artists. Only 500 (numbered)  copies have been pressed. Design by Savage Pencil.  Fundraiser fro Resonance FM raised £5000.


01 Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers  – Add Hapter (excerpt)      02 Benge – Resonant Insects             03 Little timmy Vs Samanthrax – Tiny Udder 1             04 Sunny Lazic – Heavy Load             05 Smalts – Insane (remix)             06 Jem Finer – The Hills are Alive             07 Illuminati – Ocean Almanac             08 Chris Todd (Robotplaysguitar) – Scrub             09 Rod Stasick – Jotoah SRI 17             10 John Wynne – !X?? Study 1: Gosaitse             11 Tennis – Redmur             12 Sold – Fatkid             13 SaltPervert – FagKnicker             14 Aero Mic’d – Carnival Up North             15 Julian Bass – Ricoh             16 Steven Moyes – Tunnel/Window/Green             17 Jesus Licks – If You Kill Me             18 Kevin Poulter – Scorpion Storm (excerpt)             19 Dodo – The Magical Transformation Trio             20 The Thirds – If I Can’t Change Your Mind             21 Dexter Bentley – Stupid Pigeons             22 The Domestic Front – Emanate or Else             23 Stewart Home – The Bethnal Green Variations: Turning Silence into             Noise (Cage Caged) Realisation- Short Edit             24 Pete Aves – The First Five Seconds of Every Track from my Album             ‘Bystanding’             25 Dave Draper – Sea Saws (extract)             26 Zainetica – Dripfeeder             27 William English – Rapport             28 Radio 9 – Kosmos     29 Caroline Kraabel – Lovesong in Wartimes

live radio sessions on Resonsonce FM featured

DJ Rubbish, Ascoltare, Yila, Um, Knowledgeof Bugs, Spanish Karavan, Electroloft, Miasmos, Tim Goldie, Ardisson, This is the Kit, Noblesse Oblige, Miasma, Broadcast, Bruno and Michel Are Smiling and Skiperrr, Jean Hervé Peron, Ninki V, Cow – P, Deseptagon, Hugh Metcalfe, Silverlink, Ove Naxx, Hrvatski, Unit, Dr Dog, Scotch Egg, Jessica Rylan, Purient, DJ Rubbish, The Man From Uranus, Raagnagrok, Zainetica, Germlin, Chevron, Bohman Brothers, No Bra, David Janes, Will Searle, Mugison, Rasha Shaheen, Prey, Alabama 3, Rothko, Asja Auf Capri, Kutchi, Cau_cational Betreet, Luke Vibert, Robotobibok, Mike Paradinas, Oddfellows Casino, Romvelope, Hototogisu, The Four Shores, Stendec, S Rock Levinson, The Massive Crew, The Noisettes, Fuzz Against Junk, Striplight, Ed Lawes, Ommm, Pro Forma, Carter Tutti, Kate Moss, Radio Science Orchestra, Juana Molina, Cursor Miner, Mapstation, Tunng, Kev Hopper, Noxagt, David Grubbs, BJ Cole, Eva Rostfrei, Vanishing Breed, Bedouin Ascent, Oxbow, Devotion, Ryo-Co, Mark Perry, Momus, The Church of Sonology, ADF, Laika, Billy Childish, Pram, Apache 61, Chris Dooks, Sculpture, Miss Hawaii, Shex, Laura B, The Lonesome Organist, Groop, Janek Schaffer, Kema Keur, Daedelus, The Vanity Set and Vibration White Finger