Listen Making Coversations

Listen again to the live broadcast of Making Coversations with myself and artists Mariana Manhães, Luciana Haill and Dianne Harris. The programe and the series was hosted by Bronac Ferran on Resonance FM and is now available via the  Craft Council. Listen to Episode 6 26th October 2014 Making Conversations series in full can now […]

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Interview on Resonance FM with Bronac Ferran

Making Conversations – Tuesday 28th October 2014 “Bronac Ferran talks to three artists who also work with dynamic circuits and systems often encouraging audience involvement in open ended and participatory ways, reflecting indirectly on the history of science and engineering and setting up dialogues between past and present: Luciana Haill, neuro-feedback artist in residence at Department of Informatics, University of Sussex; Magz […]

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