Whispering Trees Jerwood Open Forest

I want to re-engage the sense of technological enchantment that is intrinsic to the early radio experiments that are at the core of my research interests. For this new work for Jerwood Open Forest called Whispering Trees, I plan to run an interactive trail of radio transmissions through the forest, enabling trees to broadcast visitors’ dreams.

Whispering Trees is to be a site specific radiophonic installation and trail for Bedgebury National Forest and Pinetum by sound artist Magz Hall. Visitors can pick up a red radio from the visitor centre then follow a circular trail leading visitors through an experience which weaves physical space, the radiophonic ether and the elusive temporality of dreams.

The artist will record friends, visitors and workers at Bedgebury dreams in a bespoke dream space in the forest to realise four radiophonic dream channels concerned around the themes of earth, air, fire and water. These themes reflect the cycle of tree life: propagation, growth, death and rebirth central to the work at the Pinetum. Listen to the dreams alone or with friends or family, make the space your own, sit awhile under a tree and ponder and engage with dream time.

You can also tune into or download a podcast on your mobile device to learn more about the project and the artists research and interaction with the Bedgebury Friends network a charity established in 1993 to support the work of the Forestry Commission at the National Pinetum Bedgebury has 5998 active members.

Bedgebury Forest