Klang Kunst Mutiny

Klang Kunst Mutiny

All aboardMS Stubnitz  for the Klang Kunst Mutiny I will be experimenting  from 3pm all welcome

 Anastassia babble action

Anastassia is a tribute radio action to Demetrio Stratos whose own babbling sound poetry was inspired by his daughters Anastassia’s early babbling. Greek Demetrio Stratos born Efstratios Dimitriou (April 22, 1945 – June 13, 1979) was a music researcher, musician, singer of the Italian progressive band Area – International POPular Group activist, artist and sound poet. His observations of his daughter during her babbling phase, led to his sound poems and research  and work in the area. Stratos noticed, that a child initially plays and experiments with her or his own voice, but then the richness of the vocal sound gets lost in the acquisition of verbal language. “The child loses the sound in order to organize the words”. I would like you to babble freely using their names as your starting point


Demetrio Stratos