Numbers: exhibited at ‘The Collected’ 10th – 27th April, Sydney Cooper Gallery

Magz Hall Micro transmitter

In part homage to shortwave numbers stations Magz Hall Numbers radio installation predicts a future use of FM for this diverse exhibition.
Numbers is one of eight fictive trace stations by the Artist considering the
possible future uses of the FM spectrum long after analogue switch off.
Part homage to the shortwave numbers stations, which have remained on
air since the cold war, the work presents a scenario in which the numbers
stations move to FM as a tool of outlawed gangs, groups, agents and
political movements. As the internet becomes ever more heavily policed,
Numbers considers how activists may reappropriate technologies
considered obsolete as covert means.
A series of micro FM transmitters broadcasts through twelve radios
encrypted messages taken from the tweets from the Occupy movement
Visitors are invited to write encrypted messages for future broadcast using
the code provided.

Part of a running theme, throughout my current work to discuss the future of FM via its past, in this case connecting with the long history of political activists embracing and experimenting with radio since its inception from the Futurists La Radio, to ‘Free Radio’ across Europe, such as ‘Radio Alice’ (Italy), ‘Interference FM’ (1999 London) to Occupy’s ‘Mayday Radio’ in 2012 (NYC).The work considers such future use and how activists may be driven back to past and more covert means.

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