Radio Intervention Turner Contemporary Margate 12th October 2013

Magz Hall Radio Turner Contemporary Margate

Yesterdays Radio art Intervention at the Turner Contemporary Gallery was rather special photo gallery to follow check below for link

12 October 2013, 10am – 4pm Free

Learn how to use the radio as a space for creative intervention in this interactive all-day workshop. Through recording, editing, and processing, explore and create soundscapes relating to particular sound environments and acoustic spaces within Margate. The resulting work will be micro-broadcast initially within the workshop space as a play-through and then subsequently broadcast, via a set of twelve solar-powered radios and micro-transmitters, at specific sites within Margate selected by participants.

The works produced will be made available for download via the Radio Arts website and will form part of a showcase to be broadcast via international radio art stations.

Radio Arts was founded in 2001 by lecturer, producer and sound/radio artist Magz Hall with producer and musician Jim Backhouse to promote radio as a site for creative experimentation and intervention, with the additional aim to broaden participation in community radio projects. They were both part of the team that founded the UK’s first dedicated full time Radio Art station Resonance FM between 1997 and 2006. Radio Arts is currently promoting radio art activity and practice across the South East of England via a series of free public Radio Art workshops in Herne Bay, Canterbury, Margate, Broadstairs and Folkestone.