Danger Radio Birds at Symposium of Acoustic Ecology

danger radio birds
Magz is presenting a paper on Radio art at the The Symposium on Acoustic Ecology which investigates the following :
soundscapes as complex sounding systems that change in space and time, and shape our understanding of the surrounding world. Soundscapes present analytical challenges relating to perception, spatio-temporal dynamics, effects of anthropogenic sounds on ecosystems, changing acoustic environments, acoustic biodiversity and unwanted sounds. New possibilities for archiving soundscape recordings or manipulating them have emerged during the last few decades, which raised the potential for composing with associative material.

Magz and Jim will be installing Still moving sculpture, off the pier FM (2013) a micro broadcast of Herne Bay roller skaters in South East England. The work is inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s Musical Sculpture. “Sounds lasting and leaving from different places and forming a sounding sculpture that lasts.” ( Notes from the Green Box, 1934).
This work is a homage to the rollerskaters who for 100 years skated over the sea via a roller skating rink on the pier of this once popular English South-East seaside town, sadly the roller rink was demolished in 2012, this work exists as a sound memory of this space.

8-9th November Kent University