tree radio works

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA very exciting if exhausting week, it was quite a challenge soldering outside and this has been a very ambitious project over just a few weeks so I am happy to report Tree Radio works. Which is quite a relief, I really hadn’t imagined how difficult cold wind could be on the tip of my soldering iron, but we managed to set up the tree radio installation, at the YSP site in a just a day, and it was extremely gratifying to hear it working on 100 FM this weekend a very clear signal was achieved.

The problem now is how to keep the tree transmitter dry, the resin I hoped to protect the circuit from the elements proved to insulate and stop the circuit fully working after it had dried. Also the plastic nails as one would imagine don’t conduct as well as I had hoped, the solar power was resilient as were the lovely sensors and resistance probes made by Anthony Elliott so far, so this means more tests are needed to keep the transmitter dry and working full time and it will have to be cased in some form. But as you can see from the gallery how it was set it up and how great the site is looking and sounding. What is needed now is time to reflect, test further and work out the best strategy to keep it going long term on the site.


More of my pics here

short video

And more photos from Anthony