Tree Radio Improvements at YSP

The good news is Tree Radio is up and running at Yorkshire Sculpture Park it has been improved as we successfully housed another transmitter (same circuit design) in the tree in a waterproof  box so it will be more robust, weather and outside conditions were basically affecting the outside trunk transmitter far too much and moving the frequency out of normal FM radio range and making it completely unstable in too many ways, further technical advise from Kent University also confirmed my suspicions that the only way  to move forward was to house it in a plastic box and with this set up its working really well again.
We still need to monitor the solar power how long it will work and I will probably need to put more solar panels in the tree in the future to add to its longevity. I am now looking to build a crystal transmitter which will lock the frequency so it can’t move around which it can at present, which would help stop it being affected by coldness and general weather conditions, as it was on the outside of the tree, but this has been such a useful experiment and project, the transmitter on the trunk will be left as a symbol and visual site for the process that is occurring higher up. The light sensor and nail probes on the tree are also working well at present. Full details of the project: