Dream Vessels at Radio V and A


Dream Vessels: were on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum London

The installation was inspired by early surrealist radio programme of Robert Desnos in 1937 produced La Clef des Songes [The Key of Dreams] the programme invited listeners to submit their dreams for interpretation and dramatisation, encouraging highly poetic responses from this interaction. Desnos wrote that an invented radio dream delivers the same secrets as a real one. For this event I’m recorded a series of  4 dramatic radiophonic dreams which the pot will micro broadcast in the V and A visitors can listen with FM devices on phones or the radio they have made. Ceramicist Maggie Williams created the pots to my specification so I could make them into transmitters for this set of dream vessels. FM transmitter curcuits were built onto the vessels during a Radio Arts workshop I ran at the Turner Contemporary see below. This new version of the work features dreams of Ellen Brooking, Alex Jueno, Ben Rowley with music from Xylitol.