Soundproof Guest ABC

This week I talked about radio and my projects (had a Radio Yak as they call it down under)  as guest on the Sound Proof programme on ABC Australia with Miyuki Jokiranta. I really enjoyed the chance to share and air some of the varied radio productions I listen to for work, rest and play. Radio Yak. ABC have aired some of the works I commissioned via Radio Arts and have had some fantastic guests on this show, who have play quite a few things I love, so rather air classic works I decided to choose radio I have heard in the last year.

Radio Yaks: A Soundproof series in which eminent producers and sonic luminaries from around the world share audio they’re crazy about, and tell us why. 

Magz Hall is a sound and radio artist, teacher, and co-founder of Radio Arts. Her work explores the artistic potential of radio and it’s use beyond conventional settings. Taking as her point of departure a hypothetical future characterised by vacant airwaves, Magz Hall’s work re-imagine’s radio’s utopian potential.For Radio Yak, she chooses five pieces that variously explore psychic life and reflect on conscious and unconscious human experience.

Listen to my sonic selection at this link