A Latent Reality

A showcase of six artists exploring the intersection of art and technology through installations, ambisonic sound, video and performance

Barbican and The Trampery bring you cutting-edge pieces from emerging artists who took part in alt.barbican, an artistic development programme specially for those working at the intersection of art, technology and entrepreneurship.

The works shown explore the ways digital tools can reveal hidden, or latent mechanisms in our perceived reality, using innovative artistic formats and ask how we might use this knowledge to challenge our perceptions and everyday experiences.

Artists form alt.barbican include:

  • Dries Depoorter
  • Henry Driver
  • Magz Hall
  • Jasmine Johnson
  • Ling Tan

They will be joined by Canadian artist Lucas Paris for this one-night only showcase event. An emerging artist in digital arts and electronic music, Paris has built digital instruments for more than 10 years in the pursuit of sculpting and engineering intangible sound and light in real time.