Watershed talk

A special Showcase event to experience the new work developed by Pervasive Media Studio’s fantastic Winter Artists in Residence: Victoria Melody, Magz Hall and Javaad Alipoor.

Victoria Melody is an award-winning artist who creates theatrical shows about Britain’s favourite pastimes, passions and tribes. After being diagnosed with ADHD, Victoria began looking for alternatives to medication, and discovered that humour helped to relieve her symptoms. During this exciting residency she has immersed herself in the world of stand-up comedy, performing with an EEG headset that monitors her brain waves. Discover how Victoria will translate this data for her audience, and just what happened when she made people laugh…

Sound and radio artist Magz Hall explores the artistic potential of radio and its use outside of conventional settings, producing installations that imagine alternative futures for FM. Magz has been hard at work developing a new piece entitled, “Skyport”, incorporating radio scanners and delving into the legacy of pirate radio. The work will be launched at the forthcoming ‘Air Matters: Learning from Heathrow’ exhibition at Waterman’s Arts Centre in October this year, which will explore the politics of the air space above London Heathrow. Join us for an exclusive sneak peek here at Watershed.

Talented writer and theatre-maker Javaad Alipoor will present a challenging new work that incorporates community engagement and new cross-platform digital technology. Javaad joined us fresh from his latest multi-award winning project ‘The Believers are but Brothers’, which probes into the dark web of online extremism. Not one to shy away from challenging themes, Javaad has been exploring the potential of creating an Alternative Reality Game that tackles the world of conspiracy theories.

Each artist will share the thinking behind their work and where they hope to take it next, and there will also be a chance to meet the artists and experience their work-in-progress.