Short Waves / Long Distance 2022

Waves of Resistance airs with 16 radio art works as part of Short Waves / Long Distance 2022 program, on the Shortwave Shindig, a multi-hour celebration of shortwave history, art, and culture held at the remote Winter SWLFest on Friday March

Stephen Bradley‘s freeze.THAWJeff Economy‘s Orthicon GhostJonny Farrow‘s Circuits±WavesJill Freidberg‘s El trabajo y la pazGlass Salt‘s Shooting StarMagz Hall‘s Waves of Resistance Tonnta Friotaíochta Radio Art with out BoundariesGregory Kramer‘s Remote RegionsIan Moorhead‘s Shortwave (Part 2)edward ruchalski‘s radio invention (for sw/ld)Gryphon Rue‘s Cosmos, a Modular Circus on Strange AttractorRicardo Paraíso Silvestre‘s StrideAlessio Premoli‘s A Circle Has No EndJavier Suarez Quiros‘s DialoguesSteve Smith‘s Radio FiendlyDixie Treichel‘s Another Nightlife, and winslow winslow‘s Interposed Voices.

Broadcast times and full details at Wave Farm:

Mar 04, 2022: 11pm – Mar 05, 2022: 1am  

& WRMI 7570 khz 

Mar 05, 2022: 8pm – 10pm

Mar 25, 2022  2pm-4pm