Sound Walk mapping landfill site

Magz Hall – Don’t Listen Up – a sound and radio workshop. Sun 27 Nov 2022, 1pm

Join sound and radio artist Magz Hall on a guided sound walk, listening to the environment to discover and consider pollution in the area. Recorded sounds on the walk will be added into a collaborative mix of Don’t Listen Up, a new work Magz Hall is making with composer Peter Coyte.

Tickets are free, provided a ticket has been purchased for the evening Estuary Sound Ark concert. Please scroll down to click through and book show tickets. Box Office will send a link to book the workshop once you have booked a ticket for the show. This workshop takes place earlier in the afternoon at 4pm.

Later that Eve Mathew Herbert will host an evening to celebrate the Esturary Sound Arch Project, with live music full details below:

Estuary Sound Ark has been co-commissioned by Creative Estuary.