Interview on Resonance FM with Bronac Ferran

“Bronac Ferran talks to three artists who also work with dynamic circuits and systems often encouraging audience involvement in open ended and participatory ways, reflecting indirectly on the history of science and engineering and setting up dialogues between past and present: Luciana Haill, neuro-feedback artist in residence at Department of Informatics, University of Sussex; Magz Hall, co-founder Radio Arts, Senior Lecturer Canterbury Christ Church University; Dianne Harris, founding director and curator of Kinetica-Museum; and, from Rio de Janeiro, Mariana Manhaes, who makes organic machines with electrical elements and animatronic devices. Can now be heard here
audio forthcoming
Making Conversations: Unbinding the Book – an earlier show also discusses my radio book
AHRC Digital Transformations Research Fellow Professor Andrew Prescott was joined by Ben James and Philip Serfaty from Jotta Visual Arts Studio with Katrina Hopewell from Indie publishing platform Blurb and writer/curator Bronac Ferran. The conversation looked at new ways in which books and book making are being pushed and pulled by a resurgence in activity around online and offline publishing. Jotta and Blurb have collaborated to create Unbinding the Book, part of the recent London Artists Bookfair at the Whitechapel Gallery. For this exhibition, which tours to New York and San Francisco, nine artists and designers were commissioned to challenge preconceptions of who can be an author and what a book can be.
listen here