RadioCona: WolFMoon

Hear my and Radio Arts dream inspired works aired on RadioCona: WolFMoon 12-19th January.

Exhibition and events 12 th –19 th January 2017 FM 88.8MHz, radioCona and on location. RadioCona will start on Thursday 12th January,on the occasion of the full moon, named wolf moon and will tune in at twilight for eight nights in a Srow. Every evening at 18:20, at the time when day turns into night.

The broadcast will focus on dreamscapes and the slipping between the conscious and unconscious states, coming and going from wakefulness to abandon, laying on the liminal zones of consciousness, or interrogating cognitive processes – from dream narratives to the unheard sounds of the sleeping bodies, from streams of consciousness to exploring listening as a psychoanalytical tool. Other parts of the broadcast will investigate sound ecologies, environmental and remote listening, and will focus on nocturnal perceptions. Following one of these two thematic lines, the FM exhibition will include a series of new commissioned works curated by radioCona, a programme from Dreamlands curated by Radio Arts, and a selection from The Remote Series curated by Anna Friz.

CONA programmes are supported by the Department for Culture at the Municipality of Ljubljana.

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