Profound Sound Festival


Dreamspace 2 Sun 5th Feb, Quarterhouse Theatre Auditorium Folkestone

Sound and radio artist Magz Hall collaborated with interactive digital artists Genetic Moo’s to make Aeroplankton (2014) to make Dreamspace 2. Microscopic airborne protozoa called Radiolaria Aeoliae, display intricate mineral skeletons which act as receivers of radio signals. 50 radios broadcast dreams and the visuals reacted to them.

Genetic Moo have developed a series of interactive audio-visual installations since 2008. Choreographed video clips respond in a variety of life-like ways to user motion and touch. The works are driven using open source software and webcams and can be easily adapted to different locations. They are interested in combining artworks together so that they interact with the audience, the space, and also each other.

Photos and more info at this link